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August 10, 2022

By now, we all know weddings are back in a BIG way following the COVID shutdown. After massively scaling things back the past couple of years, we’ve been seeing couples make things feel as grandiose as possible. Here are the top 10 wedding trends for 2023!

Pearl details will be trending in 2023

1. Pearl Details

This is a classic trend that I am stoked about! We’re seeing more and more people incorporate pearls in their wedding ensembles. While some are opting for pearl-detailed wedding dresses, many brides are opting for a simpler version of this trend through their accessories. Whether you’re looking for a pearl wedding veil or a single strand to go around your neck, you’ll be timeless!

Reception dresses will be trending in 2023

2. Reception Dresses

Even on their wedding day, brides are wanting to be comfortable. The pandemic spoiled us in that regard! We are seeing so many brides change into a more casual (but still glamourous!) dress for their reception. Let’s face it, while wedding dresses are beautiful, they’re not easy to move around in- especially if you’re wanting to tear it up on the dance floor!

Bows will be trending in 2023

3. Bows will be a wedding trend in 2023

As the old Southern saying goes, “The bigger the bow, the closer to God.” I have always been a huge lover of bows, so I am so excited to see this trend popping up! We’re seeing bows around the back of wedding dresses, as a hair accessory, and on shoes!

Regency vibes thanks to Bridgerton will be trending in 2023

4. The Bridgerton Aesthetic

We’ve all fallen madly in love with Bridgerton, and part of the reason for that is that it’s a VIBE! Regency-core has taken the world by storm, and weddings are very much included in that! From elaborate florals to dusty pastel color palettes we’re seeing this whimsical vibe quite a bit!

Reception exits will be trending in 2023

5. Ceremony Exits

From confetti to flower petals, to heart-shaped eucalyptus leaves, we have seen so many ceremony exits this year! It’s truly the perfect way to celebrate that moment immediately after you say your “I Do’s”. This is such a fun trend that I hope continues into 2023!

First look will be a wedding trend in 2023

6. First Looks with Those You Love Most

We’ve always been a big fan of first looks, but now we’re falling even more in love with them as we’re seeing couples share first looks with their VIP’s. We’ve seen first look with the bride’s dad, the groom’s mom, the couple’s grandparents, and even siblings! These moments are some of the sweetest to photograph on the wedding day!

Mismatched bridesmaids dressed will be a trend in 2023

7. Mismatched Bridesmaid’s Dresses will be a trend in 2023

I’ve always been a huge fan of color blocking and pattern mixing so in my book this trend is to die for! Bridesmaids are coordinating rather than perfectly matching, and it is so much fun! Visually, it really helps to create a lot of interest in your photos. Plus, it gives your best ladies the chance to select a bridesmaid dress that they really will wear again ­čśë

Romantic recpetion lighting is one of our favorite 2023 wedding trends

8. Candlelight and Romantic Lighting

From loads of candles to twinkle lights, we are seeing lots and lots of ambiance in the wedding receptions. This trend really adds a romantic atmosphere to the wedding day!

The 80s are back for 2023 weddings!

9. 80s Vibes

From poofy sleeves to heart-shaped sunglasses to cascading bouquets, to statement wedding cakes the 80s are making a comeback! People have a more is more mentality in the post-COVID world, and we are here for it!

10. Pops of color

After years of photographing neutrals, one thing that we’re starting to see more of is pops of color. Whether it’s through the bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, or decor we’re seeing much bolder color choices than we’ve seen in recent years. From jewel tones to bright pastels, the color schemes we are seeing are stunning!

There you have it, these are the top 10 wedding trends for 2023 that we are forecasting! Which of these trends are you looking forward to incorporating into your day? Are there any that you will happily pass on by? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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