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 Let us capture them for you.

It's just a normal Monday. You're thumbing through your wedding album, and as your eye catches each photo, you remember. More than that, you feel it. Everything about the day: the anticipation, the joy, the emotion, the exhilaration of that exact moment it all began, surrounded by the very best. You can feel it because it's there, captured forever.  That's why you chose to work with Tierney and Christopher.



We serve timeless brides and grooms who love bespoke details and want a stress-free wedding day that is filled with sentimental moments! 

For us, photography is about so much more than pretty photos. It's about giving you a seamless experience that makes your mind feel at ease throughout the entire wedding planning process.

It's about helping you feel comfortable in front of the camera so that your love can be captured in all it's raw emotion.

It's about knowing when it's time to step in and take charge of a situation, or when it's best to let things unfold candidly.

It's about providing you with heirloom images that not only capture how your wedding day looked, but how it felt.

TIERNEY AND CHRISTOPHER WERE THE           VENDOR DECISION WE MADE.She was so                    and experienced that we didn't have to worry about anything on our special day.



—  david, 2021 groom

She has incredible attention to detail and is so                     .She answered all of my questions before I even had time to ask them, which                       so much of the wedding planning stress. 



—  brooke, 2020 bride

behind the lens

Tierney and  Christopher

We're Tierney and Christopher, a Raleigh wedding photography team who will help you have a personalized and relaxed experience that will provide you with genuine images that capture the excitement of your wedding!

Our couples have called us the fairy godparents of wedding photography! We love to sprinkle our magic wherever we go.

 When working with us, you'll receive tangible reminders of where your love story began so that you and your husband can have those reminders when you need them most.



Wedding planning is overwhelming to start; then add in trying to plan a location, outfits, and getting your fiancé on board with the engagement session. Snag our free guide to help you prep for your engagement session so you can feel like the best version of yourselves in these timeless photos!

it's time to plan your 
                                but you don't
 even            where to start.

it is  time to plan your               
but you don't even             where to start.....


dream wedding,

Allow us to help. After photographing weddings for the last decade, we have learned how to provide you with an effortless and organized experience that makes you and your groom feel completely taken care of and at ease!

 You will receive a one-of-a-kind experience and genuine images that completely encompass how you felt on your wedding day so you can relive those sentimental moments over and over again!