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 Let us capture them for you.

It's just a normal Monday. Your wedding album is in hand and as your gaze falls on each photo, you don't just remember, you actually feel it all over again. The day unfolds before your eyes: the excitement, the happiness, the raw emotion, and the exhilarating moment when it all began, surrounded by your nearest and dearest. You feel it so vividly because those feelings are not just remembered, they are preserved forever.

 This is precisely why you hired Tierney and Christopher for your wedding day because you knew they would capture every precious moment which would allow you to relive those emotions and step back into the very essence of your best day ever. 



Picture a wedding planning journey where you always feel acknowledged, cared for, and free to be your authentic selves.

This is precisely why we've crafted our Signature TR Experience, an intentional and thoughtful approach that revolves around your values and your connection with your loved ones.

Our mission is to make you not only feel at ease in front of the camera but also comfortable throughout the entire process, as your relationship deserves to be captured in all its authenticity.

One of our favorite parts of the process is being able to provide our clients with heirloom images that are not only captured digitally, but also preserved tangibly inside of a custom wedding album.

With over a decade of experience in photographing weddings, we know when to step in and take the lead or simply let the magic unfold naturally.

Your TR Experience will truly be an experience filled with ease and intention so that you can savor each and every sentimental moment of your day.

—  Michele, planner with i do weddings by michele

As a wedding planner it is so important to have great vendors to refer my amazing couples to. There are so many out there to choose from but when you find a fellow vendor that you can totally trust to do their absolute best each and every time they work with your clients, you have to tell every couple about them.

That's how I feel about Tierney!! She is so dedicated to her clients and her work and it shows each and every time I get the privilege to work with her!

You can't go wrong with Tierney! She and her work are top notch!!

—  Hannah and michael

We chose to book Tierney for our engagement photos and wedding because of her professional work, passion for elegant and timeless photos, and her kind friendship. It is truly an honor to call our photographer our friend.

 Her and Christopher have been so amazing to get to know and taking photos with them is so seamless. They have clearly done this for many years, and she takes the stress out of the entire process

 My husband and I constantly talk about how easy it was to work with them and feel comfortable in front of the camera. I would recommend Tierney to any and all of my friends- seamless, elegant, bright, and perfect.

—  Dan and Tina

Having Tierney as my wedding photographer was one of the easiest and best decisions I made for my wedding - hands down. She is incredible, and I could not recommend her enough.

Tierney not only has a great eye, but is impeccably organized, extremely responsive, and always professional Talking to her I almost felt like I was talking to my best friend. She was so warm, patient, and kind.

As someone who didn't believe she was photogenic, and was extremely nervous about her wedding, having Tierney made me feel like I could enjoy my once in a lifetime day.

what to expect when you work with

Tierney and  Christopher

After a decade of photographing weddings, we have become the go to photographers for the busy couple who values a process driven experience that feels like coming home to the dinner table. Here is what you can expect from working with us:

A  curated and intentional process that makes you feel loved, valued, safe, and seen so that you can enjoy your journey towards marriage

Customized albums so that you can have your images preserved in a tangible way that you can enjoy for years to come

Two photographers who instantly feel like old friends and make you feel relaxed and at ease throughout your wedding planning journey

Joyful and sentimental imagery that will be just as beautiful 40 years from now as it is today



 Snag our free guide to help you prep for your engagement session so you can feel like the best version of yourselves in your photographs!

it's time to plan your 
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it is  time to plan your               
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dream wedding,

After photographing weddings for the last decade, we have learned how to provide you with an effortless and organized experience that makes you and your groom feel completely taken care of and at ease every step of the way!

 You will receive a customized experience and a gallery full of images that make you feel like you were fully present on your wedding day. Time and time again you will be able to relive the breathless and joyful moments of your wedding weekend, and we can't wait to be a part of that experience with you!