about Tierney


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Hello! I’m Tierney, a Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina wedding and portrait photographer. As a child, I was always very much into art. I loved to draw and paint (thank God those “talents” stayed in the past). I never considered photography as career until I was planning my own wedding. Even after choosing my photographer, I loved to scroll Facebook galleries looking at others work. something about it inspired me so much!

One Sunday, on the way to church, my mom and I were having a conversation about what would I be if wasn’t going to be a teacher. I told her I thought being a photographer would be a lot of fun. She said, “Tierney, I think you’d be really good at that.” From there, a dream was born.

That following Christmas, I received my first $300 camera. Within the year, Tierney Riggs Photography was born. I instantly fell in love with capturing weddings. Being the type of person who cries during “The Notebook”, you might could say I’m a hopeless romantic so wedding photography is a perfect fit for me.

As much as I love weddings, I love marriage even more. As I’m coming up on my fifth year of marriage, I can honestly say that marriage is hard work! I love having my wedding photos hung throughout my house to serve as reminder of the sacred vows we made all those years ago. My goal as your photographer, is to give you photos that will one day serve you that very same reminder while providing you with a seamless experience!

my favorite things

  • Spending time with my husband, son, and fur baby

  • Gilmore Girls

  • Macarons

  • Coffee!

  • Harry Potter Marathons

  • Jeni’s Famous Ice Creams

  • All things Lilly Pulitzer

  • Hygge

  • Everything about autumn!