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I see you. You take lovely pictures, and you're ready to go all in with you big dreams, but you're wondering if it's really possible. You're doubting yourself and wondering:

  • Will I ever be able to quit my 9-5?
  • Can I actually reach my ideal clients?
  • Will I ever become fully booked?
  • Can I stand out in my saturated market?
  • Will I ever be able to work with clients who value what I do?

Yeah, I've been there too, hon...

I was the college grad with a big dream, but not a clue how to achieve it. Eventually, I cracked the code to making all of my business dreams come true, and I want to help you do the same. With a decade of professional photography experience, I have created these products and courses with you in mind!



Courses and guides about growing a successful photography business

Ready to smash your consult calls and become fully booked up just by word of mouth? Then this is exactly what you need!

Tips for serving my clients with an out of this world experience that creates raving fans

Around here, client experience is our superpower. So much so that we've been called the fairy grandparents of wedding photography! Let's give your couples the experience of a lifetime!

Website and marketing audits to help you move past the roadblocks in your business

For the photographer who knows that something is holding them back from growing their business, but they just aren't sure what.

THEN HELlO, i'm Tierney, YOUR NEW business confidant




Nine years ago, I was trying to break into the saturated wedding photography market and working with clients who didn’t value me, my work, or my time. I would scroll through Instagram and see local photographers booking beautiful weddings with clients who adored them and I wondered if I would ever be able to do the same?

Eventually, I was able to crack that code, and now, I want to help you do the same.

But it wasn't aways this way.... and that's why I know I can help you unlock the keys to that life-giving, profitable business you've been looking for.


this different

I believe in simple, yet strategic moves in your business that pack a lot of punch while giving you back what you desire more of- time. Time to take your dog to the park, time to snuggle on the couch with your spouse, time to get on the floor and play with your young children rather then being strapped to your laptop screen 24/7.

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Templates, guides, and resources that were designed specifically to help you level up your client experience so that you can become the go-to wedding photographer in your local market!

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Marketing may not be your strong suit, but it's essential to growing your business! Instead of spinning your wheels and trying to piece together a strategy together yourself, allow me to a deep dive into your marketing strategy across all your social media platforms!


You know your website is off, but you're just not sure what you need to do to put your best foot forward on the world wide web. Let's work together to evaluate your messaging, portfolio images, blogs, and more so that you can finally have a website that you're proud of and that converts those couples who stumble on to it into solid leads!


You know that your client experience is important, but you don't even know where to start to make improvements. You need something now and you need something easy to implement. That's why we've stocked the TRP Shop full of resources, templates, and guides so that you can swiftly level up your photography biz!

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       5 step framework for stand-out marketing

You know that marketing is essential for your business, however, there is so much information out there about it. Let's cut through the noise and get you results so that you can bring in a stream of leads for your photography business!



the trade


Need some ideas for what gear to invest in next, or some ideas for some tools to truly customize your client gifting? Check out the Amazon storefront!


Ready to level up your website, but not tech savy? No worries, Showit is here to help! Use the code, "Tierney" to earn a free month!




My favorite tool for batching content and planning out my marketing strategy across ALL social media platforms! The automations are excellent too! Follow the link to save $10

Ready to automate your business and get hours of your life back? Say hello to Honeybook! Get it for 1 dollar for your first 6 months!

Want to build out your e-mail list? Flodesk is an easy-to-use platform with gorgeous email templates! Follow the link to save 50% on your first year!


I have use MANY gallery providers and Cloudspot is by far the best. It's for photographer and clients alike. Follow the link to save 20%




the mini-course

One of the hardest parts of the sales process is knowing how to manage your consultation calls! What should you say? How salesy can you be without being off-putting? Join the waitlist so you can be the first to know when this mini course releases!

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Check out the tips that have helped me to build a proftiable business while working with my dream clients!