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July 21, 2023



As a photographer, there are few moments as heartwarming and special as being invited to capture the significant milestones in a couple’s journey. From their wedding day to the announcement of a new life, each occasion is a celebration of love and happiness. Today, we’re excited to share the story of a couple whose wedding we photographed and their unforgettable Raleigh, NC pregnancy announcement photos.

Announcing the Miracle:

Farra and Preston decided to sign up for our Bump to Baby Collection so that they can have everything captured from their announcement to their baby’s first birthday. After witnessing and preserving the love between Farra and Preston during their wedding day this past September, we were overjoyed when they reached out to us for their pregnancy announcement photo shoot. A park outside of Raleigh, NC, provided the perfect backdrop for this momentous occasion!

Choosing the Perfect Raleigh, NC Location:

For the pregnancy announcement shoot, we collaborated with Farra and Preston to select a location that fit their vision. The park we selected had lush greenery and picturesque scenery, It was the ideal spot to symbolize the couple’s journey into parenthood. Additionally, the park’s vibrant atmosphere allowed us to capture candid, natural shots that perfectly expressed their excitement.

Timeless and Joyful Posing:

Our focus was to capture the genuine emotions and the couple’s anticipation of their little one’s arrival. We guided Farra and Preston with easygoing poses, encouraging them to be themselves while we documented their laughter, tenderness, and heartfelt moments. Our goal was to create images that would not only serve as a pregnancy announcement but also stand the test of time, reflecting the joy and love they share as they embark on this new chapter together.

Preserving Precious Memories:

As photographers, we understand the importance of preserving memories for a lifetime. Farra and Preston’s pregnancy announcement photo shoot was more than just an opportunity to announce their growing family; it was a chance to encapsulate the pure love and excitement that they felt in that very moment. Our approach was to capture both candid shots and beautifully composed images, ensuring that they would cherish these memories forever.


Farra and Preston’s pregnancy announcement photo shoot in Raleigh, NC, was a heartfelt experience that beautifully captured the essence of their growing family. We felt incredibly privileged to be part of this special moment and to witness their love evolve into a new chapter of parenthood. As photographers, there’s no greater joy than capturing these significant milestones, allowing couples to relive these cherished memories for generations to come.

An ultrasound photo for an a pregnancy announcement photoshoot in Raleigh, NC
An ultrasound photo for an a pregnancy announcement photoshoot in Raleigh, NC
Couple holding a onesie for an a pregnancy announcement photoshoot in Raleigh, NC
Raleigh NC Pregnancy Announcement Photos
An ultrasound photo for an a pregnancy announcement photoshoot in Raleigh, NC



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