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February 25, 2021

An elegant wedding invitation suite at a Raleigh, NC wedding

One set of pictures that our TR brides ALWAYS adore are their bridal detail shots. You spend months and months making decisions about these details, and to see them all come together in beautiful photographs that you can look at over and over again is always super special! I love these shots because they set the stage for the rest of your wedding gallery and tie in with you and your loves story! Today, we’re going to talk about how to prep your wedding details ahead of time to make sure your photographer can get those GORGEOUS detail shots that you have been pinning for months 😉

1. Gather your details together ahead of time!

The first tip for prepping your wedding details is to gather all of your details ahead of time and put them in a bag for me. I’ll send you a checklist of which details you should specifically include! By having these together ahead of time, it’ll allow your photographer to grab the bag and get to work immediately upon their arrival

Bridal earrings for the wedding day

2. Make sure your details are in tip top shape.

This means have your rings and other jewelry cleaned in advance. It’s also helpful if your dress and veil are already steamed upon your photographer’s arrival. Your wedding dress is the very first detail I’ll shoot upon my arrival so have it ready to go!Remove tags, stickers, plastic wrapping, etc. from jewelry, shoes, and anything else you’re wearing. I also recommend removing the tags, stuffing, and plastic from your dress, shoes, and jewelry ahead of time that way everything is photo-ready.

BONUS: If you have a pretty hanger for your dress, your photographer will love you forever!

3. Bring two copies of your entire wedding stationery suite

This will include your invitations, envelopes, menus, programs, place cards, etc. We want it ALL. Sometimes your invitations or envelopes may be pretty on both the front and back and we want to include both sides in photos. By having two copies for us, it gives us all the options we need!

Beautiful wedding florals and shoes for your Raleigh, NC wedding

4. Ask your florist to provide cuttings of flowers and greenery that match your wedding florals for your photographer to use in styled images.

There is nothing your wedding photographer loves more than loose florals to play with one your wedding day. We will use these to style with your invitation suite, rings, shoes, and more! It helps to add visual interest to your detail photos and ties everything together very nicely. This also means you need to have your florals arrive prior to your photographer’s arrival.

5. Select a perfume to use that your fiancé will always be able to associate with the memories of your wedding day

As a past bride myself, I can’t recommend this idea enough! Whenever I smell Marc Jacobs Daisy, I am always brought back to the memories of our wedding day <3

6. Include your groom’s details as well!

Gather your fiancé’s details as well – have him put them together in his shoebox. For his details include his tie, socks, cufflinks, shoes, and boutonniere!

A Mrs. Box is the perfect way to treat yourself

7. Get a Mrs. Ring Box that matches your wedding colors!

The Mrs. Box is a perfect way to treat yourself. The way they’re designed, the actually make your ring look bigger in photographs, and the customization options are endless. They’re truly a fun heirloom to have from your wedding day- plus you can store your ring in it later down the road too!

I hope this checklist of how to prep your wedding details was helpful as you get ready for your wedding day! Tell me in the comments what details you are most excited about!




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