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July 22, 2020



Your wedding day is day that you have dreaming about for years, and it is almost here! With all the planning you have done, this day deserves to be captured as beautifully as possible! Here are just a few simple ways that you can help your photographer capture the day perfectly!

1. Keep your getting ready rooms free of clutter. Designate a corner or closet for all of the “stuff”.

Plastic water bottles and duffel bags don’t make for the prettiest background for your getting ready pictures, so make sure you designate one corner in the bridal suite and groom’s suite for items that could add clutter to the background. When you look back at pictures of you sliding into your beautiful wedding dress, you’ll be so glad for the clean and simple background!

2. Choose locations with large windows and light colored furniture and walls.

If you are a “TR Bride”, you likely chose me for my light and airy style. In order for me to achieve this style, I utilize natural light and light backgrounds. Make sure the areas you will be photographed in have lots of soft window light. I also recommend choosing rooms with light backdrops. Dark wooden walls will not photograph in a light airy way. The same goes for dark furniture in the room. I don’t want anything to distract from you and your moments!


3. Consider having your wedding ceremony close to sunset (but not AT sunset! Make sure you have time for natural light portraits afterwards).

The best lighting of the day will be within two hours of sunset, and that is also the perfect start time for your ceremony! You don’t want to start your ceremony too close to sunset because you’ll run out of light for portraits. By starting your ceremony an hour and a half to two hours prior to sunset you give your photographer plenty of open shade which will be very flattering for your ceremony photographs. You’ll also have plenty of time for family portraits and bride and groom portraits afterwards too.

Still looking for someone to capture your wedding day in a beautiful way? Follow the link below to learn more!

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