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Templates, resources, and guides specifically to help you level up your client experience so that you can become the go-to wedding photographer in your local market!



a customizable magazine to send to your couples

Improve your client experience by preparing your couples for each aspect of wedding planning while building top-notch confidence in you!

e-mail templates to save you time and sanity

Get back hours of your time, by having a ready to go e-mail response for each and every situation you may come across as a wedding photographer.

Ways to master your workflows so you don't feel like you're drowning all the time

Swipe my custom workflow so that you can create a business you run instead of allowing your business to run you!



Around here, we believe in no fluff resources that cut straight to the point. You decided to go into business for yourself to simplify your life, but in order to do that you have to simplify your business too! With the resources, templates, and guides that you see in the TRP Shop, you'll be able to change the trajectory of your business in just a few short hours.


You are busy. Perhaps you're a mom with small children, or perhaps you're still working a full time job as you chisel away at that dream of one day owning your own photography business. Day in and day out, you're going through the grind, editing late through the night, working in your business instead of working ON your business.

you can try to do it all on your own, or you can fast track your growth by learning from someone who has been there and done it.

Are you ready to go full-time, up your prices, and truly start living the life you've been praying for? Let's do this.

Resources to level up your client experience

The Wedding Experience
Worflows and Email Templates

These workflows and email templates are foundational to a stellar client experience! These will help you know exactly what to say while helping your client's build their trust in you through a streamlined process!

The Wedding Experience Questionnaires

Help you and your couples prepare well for their engagement session and wedding day so that you can hone in on creating a customized client experience for each couple you have the opportunity to serve

Customizable Wedding Planning Survival Guide Magazine Template

Ready to position yourself as an expert to your couples? This guide will help elevate your experience by preparing your couples for each aspect of wedding planning while building top knotch confidence in you!

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