That's where my detailed wedding day questionnaires can help, and they can be all yours for $27.

You know that you need to be fully prepared for each wedding so that you can serve your clients well, but each wedding day you show up feeling completely frazzled. Hair and makeup is running behind, again. The bridesmaids were in leggings and t-shirts when the bride was getting dressed so those images can't go in your portfolio. And let's not even get started on the train wreck that occurred during family formals. I've been there too, friend.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can avoid those uncomfortable family situations during photos simply be being informed. You can make sure you're aware of those sentimental shots that are special to the particular couple you're serving that day. You can be in the know. You just have to know what questions to ask. That's why I am giving you access to my detailed planning questionnaires so you can show up to each engagement session and wedding day being FULLY in charge and confident about what you are walking into.

Not to mention, you'll also capture extra details and information that will make your wedding blog posts feel thorough and highly-impressive to everyone who reads them after the wedding day! No more writer's block! Blogging just got a WHOLE lot easier!


Let's help you walk into every wedding fully prepared

I know you want to give your client's an amazing wedding experience, and one way to do that is to help them prepare a stress-free timeline to ensure all the moments are captured!

If this sounds like you, then let's fix it:

1. Do you struggle to know what to write about when you go to blog?

2. Do family formals feel like absolute chaos each wedding day?

3. Do your couples ever ask for images after delivery that you didn't know they wanted?

4. Are you anxious that you're going to miss a photograph due to an unforeseen  circumstance?

Wedding days don't have to be stressful! You just need to have a plan!

You do not need to feel like you're being pulled in a zillion directions on a wedding day simply because you're having to sprint to photograph a moment you weren't expecting. Having detailed questionnaires to send your couples, will help you go into each wedding day ready to capture each moment as it unfolds.

These engagement session and wedding questionnaires are the exact solution

That you've been searching for

My questionnaires will help you walk into each and every engagement session and wedding day knowing exactly what to expect so that you can give your client's the amazing experience you know they deserve!

These questionnaires contain everything you need to know for the wedding day so that you can cultivate your client's trust and confidence in you. You'll be able to establish yourself as an expert by helping them create a customized wedding day timeline that ensures each moment is captured!

Inside, you will receive my detailed questionnaires that you can load directly into your own CRM for your couples to answer!


This questionnaire will help you to plan out your couples' timelines, family shot lists, detail shots, and more! You'll even know what vendor information to ask for so that you can use it later when posting on social media and blogging!


This questionnaire will help you determine when and where your couples would like to have your engagement session. You'll also get all the background info you need to later write up an SEO friendly blog post for their session!



Do you wanna know

How good does all of this sound?

✔ Get through family formals quickly and easily
✔ Position yourself as an expert and easily gain your client's trust
✔ Walk into every wedding day knowing exactly what to expect
✔ Create an amazing client experience 

This is the life-changing magic that’s waiting for you.

With these questionnaires you will finally be able to: