wedding days don't have to be stressful! you just need a solid plan!

WHAT IF YOU could 
show up for every wedding day               prepared?


 YOU needed                

to get gorgeous images. 

Get the exact workflows and email templates that I use to give my client's an AMAZING experience from inquiry to album delivery. You'll no longer have to stare at that darn blinking cursor, and your client's will be wowed by just how much of an expert you truly are!

i need this

you show up in your best black jumpsuit and rothy's and think to yourself "let the chaos begin." as you make your way up to the bridal suite

You know that you need to be fully prepared for each wedding so that you can serve your clients well, but each wedding day you show up feeling completely frazzled. Hair and makeup is running behind, again. The bridesmaids were in leggings and t-shirts when the bride was getting dressed so those images can't go in your portfolio. And let's not even get started on the train wreck that occurred during family formals. I've been there too, friend.

what if there was

an easy solution?

Raise your hand if you ever feel like this....

Here you are
going to state the challenges and frustrations 

yeah, once upon a time, so did i....


Do you struggle to know what to write about when you go to a blog? So instead, you just don't; and that backlog just keeps growing.


Do family formals feel like pandemonium each wedding day? Why can't the family just stay around instead of going to cocktail hour?


Do your couples ever ask for images after delivery that you didn't know they wanted? That's always a delightful email to respond to.


Are you anxious that you're going to miss a photograph due to an unforeseen circumstance? You already have so many other things to keep up with on the wedding day.



You do not need to feel like you're being pulled in a zillion directions on a wedding day simply because you're having to sprint to photograph a moment you weren't expecting. Having detailed questionnaires to send your couples, will help you go into each wedding day ready to capture each moment as it unfolds.

I know you want to give your client's an amazing wedding experience, and one way to do that is to help them prepare a stress-free timeline to ensure all the moments are captured!


Here's Why You Need This Bundle

benefit one

Family photos will be a breeze!

With these questionnaires you will be able to collect all the data you need to put together a thorough family photo shot list with the exact groupings your couple wants.

benefit two

You'll know exactly which moments are a priority to your couple

Have you ever gotten an email asking if you took any photos of something completely random that you had no clue about? Well, these questionnaires will help you be in the know so you can ensure you get that sentimental photo of Aunt Suzy and Uncle Bob together.

benefit three

Impress future clients with your thorough blog posts

You'll be able to capture extra details and information that will make your wedding blog posts feel thorough and highly-impressive to everyone who reads them after the wedding day! Kiss the writer's block goodbye! Blogging just got a WHOLE lot easier

benefit four

It'll instantly elevate your experience

Your couples will trust that you have their best interest at heart with your  streamlined processes that showcase just how much of an expert you truly are. They'll trust you to capture all the moments that are most important to them. Yay, for elevating your client experience and serving your couples well!

when you purchase now, you'll get access to:



i need these!

This questionnaire will help you determine when and where your couples would like to have their engagement session. You'll also get all the background info you need to later write up an SEO friendly blog post for their session!

This questionnaire will help you to plan out your couples' timelines, family shot lists, detail shots, and more! You'll even know what vendor information to ask for so that you can use it later when posting on social media and blogging!


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