What if there was one simple thing you could do to level up your client's experience?

What if your couples showed up with everything you needed to get gorgeous images?

 Your couples want to have beautiful shots of all their details, a seamless timeline, and stunning sunset photos, but on their own, they don't know how to achieve that. It's up to you to educate them! That's where the wedding planning survival guide comes in!


The best thing you can do to elevate your couples' experience is to prepare them!

I know you'd love nothing more than to have clients who rave about how amazing their experience was, and the easiest way to do that is to prepare them to have an amazing experience!

Raise your hand if you have found yourself in one of these circumstances:

1. You're spending hours communicating back and forth over the same details over and over and over again instead of hanging out with your family in the evenings. 

2. You want your couples to show up to their engagement session dressed to the nines, but it's obvious they spent too much time planning their outfit based on Pinterest inspo from 10 years ago.

3. You want to take gorgeous detail shots on the wedding day, but your brides never bring along any details worth photographing and you find yourself bending over backwards to get those images to match the gallery. 

4. You wish your couples would give you more time for portraits so things didn't feel so rushed on the wedding day and so you can quit stressing about the bride being unhappy with only a few key portraits.

It's time to easily level-up your client experience with this customizable magazine

the wedding planning survival guide is the answer to all of your problems

✔ Get referrals constantly from raving clients
✔ Deliver a seamless experience to every single couple you work with
✔ Have your show up with exactly what you need to get gorgeous images!

It's time to give your couples an incredible experience, all while giving them the tools you need to get amazing images!


How would it feel to...

Think about how good it would feel to have your client's trust you even before you shoot their engagement photos

No more…

✔ Sending the same emails over and over again
✔ Giving your clients a lackluster experience because you failed to prepare them well
✔ Sending your couples links to all the blog posts

Instead, you'll get back hours of your time all while crafting an unforgettable experience for your couples!

how good would it feel if the majority of your couples opted for a first look and prioritized sunset photos (even if it meant leaving the reception for a moment to make it happen?)

it's time to make a change.

(And level up your client experience in the process!)

Creating a seamless and consistent client experience just got a whole lot easier!

the customizable wedding planning survival guide is

what you've been searching for

The Wedding Planning Survival Guide is completely customizable in Canva so you don't have to fuss with any complicated software! Plus, you'll get access to my video tutorials that will walk you through exactly how to set it up!

I know how busy you are, perhaps you work a full time job on top of your business, or may you’re a full time mom? I get it! This template was created to provide you with a customized client magazine with minimal time and effort on your end. If you have two hours to set aside to customize the images and a couple of fill in the blank copy sections then you can have a beautiful client magazine by the end of the afternoon!



here is what you'll find inside

Communication & Office Hours

Vendor Recommendations 

Planning a Picture Perfect E-session!

E-Session Locations

Engagement Session Outfit Planning 

Can We Bring Our Fur Baby?

Should We Hire a Planner

Planning Your Bridal Portrait Session

Planning Your Boudoir Session

Planning Your Timeline

Do We Need More Coverage?

Personalizing Your Wedding Details

First Look VS. Traditional

Unplugging for the Ceremony

Communication and Office Ours

About Us

Vendor Recommendations

Planning a Picture Perfect E-ssion

Can We Bring Our Fur Baby?

Engagement Session Outfit Planning

Should We Hire a Planner?

Your Bridal Session

Your Boudoir Session

Do We Need More Coverage?

Personalizing Your Wedding Details

Questionnaire Reminder

Phone Call
Wedding Day Tips

A Quick Check-In!

Gallery Delivery


Your Blog Post is Live!

Tips for Getting Ready

Bridal Detail Checklist

Wedding Traditions to Consider

Should We Have a First Look?

Your Wedding Ceremony

Seamless Family Formals

Your Wedding Day Portraits

What If It Rains?

Wedding Reception Considerations

The Grand Exit

Your Final Gallery

the wedding Planning survival  guide has 62 pages of valuable advice to help you serve your couples well!

and so much more!

what else is included?

When you enroll now, you’ll get exclusive access to:



this guide is yours for life!

Video tutorials to show you exactly how to set it up

You'll have lifetime access to this guide so that you can adjust in Canva anytime you need a refresh!

I'll walk you through page by page of the guide showing you exactly how to set it up to fit the needs of your business!


done for you copy!

The content of the guide is already handled for you! All you have to do is place your images and send them off to the printer! The hardest work has been done for you, so that you can have your guide ready to go in less then two hours!

Ready to get hours of life back so that you can do what matters most to you?

Get all of this for just ONE payment of $127! 

(& there’s no catch)

50 page wedding experience guide with copy(total value $279)


How good does all of this sound?

✔ Have clients who show up to their engagement session dressed like a million bucks

✔ Position yourself as an expert and easily gain your client's trust

✔ Spend more time with your friends and family instead of hours in your inbox

✔ Have clients who value portraits and will make sure you have all the time you need to photograph them

✔ Have gorgeous details to photograph on the wedding day so that your work can look more high end

✔ Create an amazing client experience from inquiry to gallery delivery!

This is the life-changing magic that’s waiting for you.

With this Wedding Experience Guide you will:

Let's wow your couples so that you can get booked up!

Hi, I'm Tierney

Once upon a time, my couples showed up to engagement sessions and wedding days completely unprepared. They weren't wearing outfits that flattered them to their engagement sessions. They provided me with ZERO details to shoot on their wedding day, and they didn't allow enough time for the must have portraits of the wedding day either. Wanna know why they weren't doing these things? Because I wasn't telling them!

Once I implemented a client magazine for my couples, all of that changed! My couples showed up looking like rockstars for their engagement sessions, and the wedding day was a much more seamless experience! 

Want to know one surprising perk that came from implementing this magazine into my business? My couples began to rave about their magazines to their friends and family and took it with them when wedding planning! This ended up tremendously increasing my word-of-mouth marketing - which was a huge win!

It's truly become a cornerstone of the TR Wedding Experience that my couples are so excited about, and I want you to experience the same!

I’ve been a wedding photographer for nearly 10 years!

Change your business! Get the wedding planning survival guide for $127