May 2, 2018

Cody and Julianne are both originally from Oregon, but actually did not meet until they both lived in North Carolina! They moved across the country to help with a church plant – they both knew the pastor and his wife, but had never met each other. The first time they talked was at a church picnic – Cody was making balloon animals for the kids, and Julianne thought he was cute so she wanted to talk to him. ­čÖé

The crazy thing is, we had been in the same place at the same time both in Oregon and NC several times, but neither of them remember seeing each other! For the next few weeks they chatted at church. One day they started talking in a picnic in the park after church and talked and talked until we realized it was dark out. After dating for 4 months, Cody asked Julianne to marry her (by lake Crabtree), and they tied the knot in Oregon in September 2014. They have now been married for 3 1/2 years!

I had so much fun shooting their pictures at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, NC. I love the view of downtown Raleigh’s skyline from the park! I hope you enjoy these images from their photoshoot!

A romantic image of a bride and groom.A bride and groom facing each other while wearing evening wear.Black and white images of a bride and groom.Black and white engagement pictures.A happy couple at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh, NCDorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-5Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-6Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-7Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-8Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-8Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-9Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-10Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-11Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-12Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-13Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-13Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-15Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-16Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Session-17Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-1Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-2Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-3Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-4Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-5Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-6Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-7Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-8Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-9Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-10Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-11Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-12Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-12Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-13Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-14Dorothea-Dix-Raleigh-NC-Engagement-Photos-16

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