February 16, 2018


Reflecting back on January, I noticed a pattern in my goals towards the end of the month. The only thing I was focusing on was my photography business, and that didn’t make me a very happy person. My self-care goals went unmet, spiritual goals went unmet, and goals for meal planning also went unmet. Some days, I was so immersed in my work that I forgot to eat lunch…oops! So in February, while I do still have goals for my business, I am making it a point to focus on my other goals too. I can not give to my business and serve my clients well if I am first not taking care of myself.

Although I didn’t accomplish every goal, I am celebrating progress on the following wins:

  • Painting my office desk and ordering a comfy chair for it! I can’t wait to finish this room!
  • I cleaned out the office closet, master bedroom closet, and guest bedroom closet. Everything is much more organized now!
  • A finished reading “A Simplified Life”….ya’ll this book will change your life!
  • I declutter our fridge and pantry
  • I automated some of my workflows in Honeybook (my client management software) so that when busy season comes I am set
  • I enjoyed a few days in Disney World with my husband! We had a blast!

Below are my goals for the month of February! I’ve already started making progress on some of these!

  • Read “Tribes”. I set a goal to read 10 business books this year, so I’m excited to get started on this!
  • Read “Grace Not Perfection”. Given my workaholic tendencies last month, I figured reading this was a must.
  • Work on my website’s SEO.
  • Attend one photography networking event….I always tend to mentally plan on going to these, but then my introvert kicks in and I don’t go 😀 I knew if I wrote it down, it would help me to commit.
  • Hang our bedroom and guest bedroom curtains. We’ve been in this house since June and have yet to do this….oops!
  • I have two business courses I’m going to be working on this month
  • I want to workout 4xs a week…I have a newfound love for relaxing!
  • I want to blog 2xs a week because ya’ll deserve fresh content!
  • Social media free weekends (the struggle is real on this!)
  • I want Christopher and I to have weekly financial check-ins so that we can stay focused on paying off student loan debt this year!

Do you have any big goals for this month? What are they?

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