December 20, 2017

I seriously can NOT believe we are quickly approaching the end of 2017. To be honest, I feel like the year just started! This year has been absolutely amazing for Tierney Riggs Photography. It has been a year of change and growth! This has been my busiest year yet, so I thought it would be appropriate to share some of my favorite photos from this amazing year! This post will include pictures from bridal sessions, weddings, engagement sessions, and anniversary sessions! Enjoy!

Black and white photograph of a bride at the WRAL Azalea Gardens in Raleigh, NC.A bride and groom having their first look at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, North Carolina.grayweddingprint7.jpglewis-11.jpgA couple hugging at the American Tobacco Campus in Durham.Husband and wife twirling for photograph at Dorothea Dix Park, Raleigh, NCgrayweddingprint161.jpggrayweddingprint131.jpglewis-46.jpggrayweddingprint98.jpggrayweddingprint168.jpglewis-19.jpglewis-13 copy.jpgwass_13.jpglewis-20.jpglewis-28.jpglewis-42.jpgmorrisey2017_30.jpgBridesmaids at the West Point on the Eno in Durham, NC

Bridesmaids at the West Point on the Eno in Durham, NC

wass_28.jpglewis-54.jpgA wedding party at West Point on the Eno in Durham, NC.mullensprint224.jpglk-60.jpgmorrisey2017_10.jpggrayweddingprint188.jpgA husband and wife in downtown Raleigh for anniversary photographs.grayprint13.jpgwass-123.jpgmorrisey2017-1.jpgmullensprint44.jpgmullensprint70.jpglk-69.jpgmullensweddingprint3 2.jpgGrayprint1.jpgmullensprint214.jpglk-31.jpggrayprint20.jpgwass_6.jpgwass_16.jpglk-6.jpgwass_1.jpglewis-53.jpgwass_88.jpgwass-130.jpglk-589.jpglk-46.jpglk-3.jpg

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